Skateboardings Famous Pink Motel Pool

Facts About The Pink Motel:

The legendary Pink Motel in Southern California was the scene for an afternoon backyard style pool session. For a few hundred dollars an hour, the Pink Motel could be yours to skate.

It is actually called ” The Pink Motel”, and it’s located at 9457 San Fernando Road, in Sun Valley, CA. Dating back to 1946, this unique little motel has appeared in a number of films and TV shows. This location has also appeared in the famous skateboarding film classic “The Search for Animal Chin” featuring the Bones Brigade. It is now the location of the “The Pink Motel Pool Party”….an annual skateboarding event.

The backyard swimming pool of the Pink Motel is known as the “fish bowl” for it’s unique fish shape. When the Pink Motel ceased operating exclusively as a Motel the pool was drained. Empty swimming pools attract skateboarders and this pool did especially after appearing in “The Search for Animal Chin”. After many years unmaintained it became virtually un-ridable. Thanks to CA Skate Parks, with the help of Pro Skater Lance Mountain, this pool was recently resurfaced. It was given a new life for generations of skateboarders to come.


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