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Blue Tile Obsession


Huntington Beach. Traffic. Cars clogging the streets. Sidewalks drowning in people. Music pulsed and rumbled from every conceivable place. Rental security glowered at every turn. The sun beat an unmerciful rhythm of midday heat onto everything. The bowl complex was situated just off the PCH. It stretched out onto the beach. Aluminum bleachers rose from the sand and surrounded it. VANS banners and towers of scaffolding loomed above it all. We climbed the stairs leading up. Security eyed our wristbands closely. Once on top, the bowl spilled out before us. Small hips, extensions, bowl corners, cups and a big bowl all connected in a Marseille-esque structure. Special artwork had been done on the concrete riding surface to brighten up the otherwise drab gray coloring.


Vans and California Skateparks did a spectacular job in my opinion. The bowl seemed a bit smaller and mellow in some areas but had deep vert…

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