Gold Cup

The Gold Cup

Blue Tile Obsession

Steve Caballero- Marina Del Rey

History. Skateboarding. A certain person at a certain magazine told me something one day that really left me disappointed. I was speaking with a group of people about the 1970’s  era skateboarders and he said – “I couldn’t tell you the first thing about Alva or Valdez….  those guys were long gone when I started riding. Besides, kids don’t care these days…..” I stood there and seethed. This is a guy from a major magazine! I simply said – “Kids will care when you care!” It is up to the people in the media to present all the history and our past so young skateboarders understand where they came from. We can still respect tradition yet not be bound to it! In the current magazines, there is a bit too much pandering to the paying advertisers … All that aside, this did get me to…

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