Scott Foss

Scott Foss

Blue Tile Obsession

Scott Foss was a wunderkind … he was a child prodigy. He came onto the northern California skateboard scene like a comet, burned far brighter than most, then disappeared –seemingly–forever. He started riding very young. He grew up in San Jose and lived in Hawaii at times in the mid 1970’s. He surfed and skated like many kids his age.  Scott rode Aala park, Wallo’s ditch and other OG spots on the island while living there. Scott told me about one of his early boards – ” I had this little narrow skateboard. It had ‘Bossman’ written on the top. I scratched the ‘B’ off and made it an ‘F’. My board said ‘Fossman’ and I rode that thing into the ground. I rode all over Hawaii and I was riding the ditches over there at the same time as Tony Alva and the others. Once I came back to…

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