MRZ Guest Post U.S. Open

Vans U.S. Open

Blue Tile Obsession

I left Long Beach pretty early in the morning. The freeways were empty and the drive south to Huntington Beach went quickly. I thought of the strangeness surrounding my visit today. I’ve covered these events for at least a decade and this was going to be my first time as an attendee. I wasn’t being paid, I wasn’t expected to be anywhere and I had no agenda. I arrived at the VANS US Open before 7:00 am in the hopes of parking somewhere on this planet. It was going to be a madhouse. There were surfers in the water. It was flat and the sea was virtually motionless. The beach was clumped with people. The surfers waited for nothing and the crowd on the beach saw the same. It was anticlimactic and I grew bored. I decided to walk around as an event spectator and look for interesting things to…

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