Legendary Skate Punk X X Duane Peters The Master Of Disaster

Maty’s Corner Issue #4

Kill Me, I Need The Rest… The Master Of Disaster


Duane Peters! Master of Disaster. A junkie, a fuck up, a bum, a legend and man who has had permanent effects on skate boarding and punk rock music.  Most know Duane as either the front man of U.S. Bombs or as a skater.  Many don’t know both and less even know about his importance to skate boarding. But don’t give me blank or worried stares, I’ll introduce ya the spectrum of the Disaster.


So in the skate world this nut case invented a number of tricks including the acid drop which forever changed vert skating.  Other tricks on his resume include the sweeper, indy air and the fakie hang-up (better known as the Disaster).  He was also the first and one of the few to conquer the loop of death.  One of the skaters to start the punk style of more narrow legged pants and high top chucks.  He was a pro on the Santa Cruz team and has had a long standing sponsorship with Independent Trucks.  Also has had many of his own model shoes. First was on Vision.  Yep, he skated with the other skate punk legend Gator.  He then had a shoe on Draven.  Was lucky enough to get kicks straight from the place.


858Never met Duane, but got to hear the story of him getting staph infection in Australia from drinking beer out of a prosthetic leg.  Currently he has a shoe out on Iron Fist. The current skate team he’s on with Mike Vallely.  Perhaps his best known team was Emergency which was a division of Black Label.

Outside of being the most bad ass skate punk since Jay Adams, Duane has led a number some great punk rock bands.  There was Political Crap which never really went anywhere and involved some members of the Jaks which were a skate punk crew in San Francisco.

His first band to record was Exploding Fuckdolls. They concentrated on the old 77 punk sound and was merely a gateway band to much bigger things to come in the world of punk rock life.

10135His best known band who was a major force in shaping the skate punk sound of the 90’s was U.S. Bombs. One of the iconic bands of the So-Cal scene.  I slightly lesser known but equally great band was Die Hunns. Along with Duane they had his then wife and Nashville Pussy bassist Corey Parks slinging a 4 string for that project which was a more rock rooted sound than the Bombs.  Die Hunns were active on Volcom Entertainment.  Post Hunns Duane started Gunfight which owed a lot of there influence to Gun Club.

10134They had a harder sound than the Hunns, something like a bar room brawl.  Duanes most recent offering is The Great unwashed which is a blues punk project with lyrics sounding as though written by Charles Bukowski.  All of Duanes bands are still active in a touring manner, so the stuff we remember can still be caught at some dive bar or punk venue.  Duane has some new band starting up. Details are currently scarce, so be on the lookout for him screaming some new punk rock songs into that old mic.  Well that’s a basic Duane Peters run down.  If ya want more, get Who Cares, The Duane Peters story on dvd. And here’s hoping we’re all rockin’ that hard at 52 years young!


-Maty Almost


4 thoughts on “Legendary Skate Punk X X Duane Peters The Master Of Disaster

  1. Hey here’s an idea, maybe try crediting the photographers whose work you grab and use, even going so far as to remove their watermarks before you put them on your blog, I mean it’s a cool DP post and all, but c’mon. How punk of you to rip off people. Lame.

    • Well thanks for your input. First off I don’t crop watermarks off photos. I am a extreme sports photographer myself and like to use my own shots. I am opposed to bloggers cropping off marks and claiming them as their own. If I know the photographer I will always give credit where credit is due. I am good friends with Ray Zimmerman(MRZ), Dan Sparagna, Grant Brittian, Ted Terrebonne (T-Bone) and my good friend the legendary Jim Goodrich. I thought you should know the facts about my blogging morals since you were so quick to pass negative judgement.

      Have A nice day,

      Rich Monday

      • No reason for a pissing match, but if you’re good friends with MRZ, you ought to know that the portrait on the steps of the fish bowl in Orange County is his photo. I don’t know where you got it, but at the very least you ought to credit it, he watermarks everything he puts on the web. You know what’s right.

        • Well thanks for pointing that out, I missed that one for sure. I will indeed credit him for that gnarly photo, he is one of my favorite current day photographers. Sometimes I miss one on Facebook and he is always polite and cracks a joke or two about my blunders. He really is aces.

          Thanks again and feel free to check in once and awhile.

          P.S. My punk rock friend Maty Almost wrote that post and put it together, but still I proofed it and missed MRZ’s credit.


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