The Dead End Kings

Dead End Kings

Blue Tile Obsession


He was young. Eighth grade. Nothing bad ever touched his world. Popularity shadowed him. Harmful words and schoolyard cruelty bounced past, like a yellow rubber ball to strike those less fortunate. The forgotten ones. His dad was proud of him. Baseball consumed him and his family. Games and practice. The smell of a leather glove. Bright lights glimmering down on Friday nights. A long drive to left field. He found himself backing up… eyes glued skyward. Lost in lights. Descent. This was it. “Don’t take your eyes off the ball.” He lifted his glove and… Arms hoisted him up. Victory. His father grinned knowingly at him in the rearview mirror that night. “Champ!” His voice murmured back towards him. At home, his friends around the neighborhood had begun to skateboard. The big new skateboard park down the street was overflowing with skaters. Gray concrete hills and moguls meandered over the…

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