Build A Skateboard Park And Become A Skateboard Instructor

How to Teach Skateboarding You May Ask?

First things first, you build a skate park in your city for all to enjoy.

This facility will bring the community together and parents of kids will want to get involved.
Local organization will volunteer money and labor to assist you in completing your project.


Always Use The Best Companies:

Other Research You Will Want To Do:


Here’s how being an instructor works:

You will help teach students the importance of setting and achieving their own goals as they build confidence and essential skills to apply to their skateboarding potential.

When you offer skateboard instructional classes you will gain many positives:

  • Parent awareness that you are teaching skateboarding safely and correctly
  • A skate park environment that promotes responsible skateboarding
  • Reduced risk for injury by offering instructional classes and programs
  • Learning trust and respect for your skate park community
  • Offer a successful program to encourage skateboarders to visit your skate park

    Set achievable goals

    • Building a positive outreach at the skate park for kids to learn skateboarding
    • Support an active lifestyle and fight youth obesity and other health issues
    • Become a positive presence at the skate park each day
    • Introduce sustainable programming to your recreational agenda
    • Reduce risk during the skateboarding program and participation


  • Start Holding Classes:

    • Promote your new skateboarding classes at skateboard shops in your city
    • Enjoy the benefits of this exciting and popular new service you are offering
    • Offer all the safety gear needed for all sizes of skateboarder
    • Send the skaters home with practice assignments that correspond with their level
    • Video tape each students performance and use to log their progress.
    • Offer a graduation certificate of completion when the skater finishes the program



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