Fishbowl / Memorial Photo & Art Show

Memories Of The Fish Bowl

Blue Tile Obsession



Mark Zamudio put together a little trivia/memorial event at the Vicinity Skate Shop in Orange this past Saturday evening. The event had photographs from many different Fishbowl sessions over the years. It had really cool paintings and art by Nicole Dodson and others, photographs by MRZ, Brandon Wong and other great photographers. Mark Zamudio had gone by the Fishbowl when he found out that it was being destroyed and managed to collect broken pieces of our dream. He had them on display. Stellar.


In 2010, Ben Butler and Jon Tucker managed to talk the owner Jeff, into letting us have a few more sessions. I was lucky enough to ride there with Ben, Duane, Arab, Chicken and others. Privilege. I asked Duane Peters and Arab about their personal memories from the Fishbowl over the years. I figure that it would be better to simply reprint their responses here.

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