Nor Ca Local Skateboarder Rich Monday Pops A FS Tailslide To Fakie Out At Mach 5 Speed

Taking it to the streets in Modesto California. Rich Monday in his 40’s now, shows he has some street skating skills packed in his bag of tricks that are usually reserved for vertical park skating. This bus bench is a favorite to hit, because it always has new paint on it and the board slides are lightning fast, but watch out for the traffic that’s a couple feet from the obstacle. I’m the camera man Bruno and I also spots for Rich Monday and try to grab on to his missed attempt. On this day it took skateboarder Rich Monday 9 tries, with 3 of them being hard slams to the concrete and one on the pavement. Skateboarding isn’t for those without guts and who can’t endure a little pain. After landing this speedy trick Rich Monday walked up to the bench and stared at it for a minute remembering the hard falls, he shook his head a couple of times and then blurted out to the bench, “PEACE PUSSY BITCH.”

Off to lick some OG wounds and to buy me a nice cold sixer of tall cans.

Boo Yah! Bruno T.

FS Tail Slide_Small
Rich Monday – Frintside Tail Slide To Fakie Out
Photo: Bruno Tucker


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