OG Skateboarder Rich Monday And Punk Legend Maty Almost Wild In The Streets!

Let The Games Begin. Okay, Let’s Start This Punk Rock Party!

Matt Finnegan And Me

Rich Monday here to tell you all about the Southern California smash mouth Punk Rock Legend Maty Almost, who crashed my house for a discussion about his new band ‘Almost Criminal’ and to do a sit down interview with me for my new zine series coming out, titled ‘STAMINA.’ And of course there would be plenty of city street skating together with our crew, and all this carnage would take place on my birthday weekend folks. Fuck yeah, let’s start a fire!

Yeah friends, when the long time punker and hardcore historian Maty Almost stops by to ruin your home, your wife, your dog and your life, it could only mean a few things to me. Boom! It meant no sleep for a couple days at least, playing the U.S. Bombs really loud all night, some sloppy hardcore song writing, a sit down interview with Maty Almost, and me avoiding his requests to give him all my awesome skate clothing. With excessive amounts of alcohol to consume, this all made for a barrage of ranting and ravings, mixed with head butts, drunken challenges, cutting and pasting, and as always, the constant head bangin punk rock music to amp us out, days on end. This left for a ton of violent memories to recall the rest of your and the scars to prove it. Honestly friends, money can’t buy this kind of entertainment, but it can buy the party flavors to send us sailing into a long skate punk week-end.

The carnage at my house ended late with a tradition of wake, bake and skate! This could only mean one thing, yep friends, a mission to go street skating and destroy the city streets of Modesto California. Of course this could only happen at the crack of dawn, so the writing was on the wall, let the session commence. It was officially called “The Rumble in the Mo-Town Jungle,” with a crew of you know who, all those who dared to rally this city. I played guide and picked two spots that where hot and usually security free. The police tend to leave grey haired skaters and skin head punk rockers alone as long as they can stop by and watch the exhibition of gnar we displayed for any onlooker interested.

We started the mayhem of the early morning road trip at the Modesto Banks underneath the Kansas Street bridge, which is always the best of times of any skate trip. We followed that up with a session at the Carver Daycare ledges where my skate session came to a crashing end trying to get a trick landed and the photo’s to prove it. It took me 9 tries and 3 hard dances with the concrete ground, to pull this fs tail slide trick off. Now looking back, I think my problem is this. I have to hit the skate spots at mach 5 speed on every try for some reason. I need to slow things down and not huck my body at a skate spot like I’m still 16 years old. Damn It!

Well mission accomplished and it was time for some breakfast and a refresher of party flavs waiting for us at the house. Maty skated like a trooper by the way, and I believe you ain’t punk rock unless you can skate a little bit. He threw down some stylin moves on his newest stunt wood he chose for the city skate and destroy street crashing mission. What an amazing birthday week I am having. More memories added to the years of living a great lifestyle of growing up on 4 wheels and bangin hardcore tunes on guitar, or on the player, or at a show. I’m truly down for life and Maty you can crash my party any day of the week. Later Much!

Maty Almost Of Punk Band “Almost Criminal.”

Rich Monday’s Skateboarding Home Town Modesto.

fs boneless one big
The Bridge Banks. I skated this spot while they were still finishing the front end of the construction site. Gnarly Spot. “Sorry, No BMX & Scooter Riders allowed!”

final 1
The Carver Daycare ledges and I’ve got my game plan set, NOT!

final 2
Nope, ain’t happening yet grasshopper! The force is with you!

final 3
Again, no high fives on what felt like my 40th attempt. Damn I’m fucking  old… That’s it Rich, just slow things down and and make a good pop!

final 5
Ah, finally, Huston, we have made contact. Now just slide the night away. Fuck this new wax you say everybody, shit is slick son.

final 7
God I’m a big & tall heavy beast in these photos. Tall skaters look rad though when they unfold their linky bodies to do a trick.

final 8
Why do I go so fast? Now I have to land it and not fall into the traffic 10 feet in front of me. Thank God for the spotter. Now just pull it off and roll away.

final 9
God what a sketchy landing, but I’ll take it. Now pass the bottle and inject the pain relievers from last night, because this spot has made me sober from all the brutal falls!

final 10
Fuck What You Heard 209! The Big Easy Lives On!

Maty Almost & Rich Monday Survive The Birthday Mission, And It’s Off To See The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz!


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