A look at Adolf’s epic pool – 1977 – 2015
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Blue Tile Obsession

Adolph's Pool Adolph’s Pool – 1977

Adolph's 2015 Adolph’s Pool – 2015

Over thirty five years have gone by since Shogo Kubo, Brian Clark, Jay Adams, Mike Szeliga, Craig Clark and Darren Ho were captured by Glen E. Friedman at Adolph’s Pool in Holmby Hills, California. Adolph’s pool was also known as Westlake by some skateboarders in the late 1970’s. It was located near a school of the same name. Last Saturday morning, I was up early and drinking coffee. I had decided to go to a meeting on the beach at Gladstones. I was cruising along Sunset Boulevard. The road twists and turns on itself. There was minimal traffic. I passed through the flats. I saw North Maple Drive. I passed Rodeo Drive. Huge estates marched up into the hillsides. The morning sun glimmered through the heavy green screen of trees. Black wrought iron fences were lost amid a tangle of vines. Security…

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