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The Jer The Jer

Jerry Valdez. If there was ever a more perfect example of a skateboarding legend, I haven’t heard of it. Jerry Valdez ripped pools, pipes and parks into easily digested pieces. What he didn’t like, he spat out for the weaker to suckle on. Frontside insanity at eleven o’clock in the shadowy realms of the twenty-two foot Arizona pipes, San Fernando Valley pool play mostly above coping while most struggled above the scumline, frontside inverts, frontside rock-n-rolls and incomprehensibly high lines on Baldy’s flat wall were all his and his alone. He was called a “Val” because of his affiliation with Val Surf, yet Jerry was Hollywood — as he puts it — in Yearbooks. He grew up in Hollywood and went to school there. He rode everything and was a ruler from the starting gun.

Angelo Angelo

Lance Mountain 'Tail Tap' under the watchful eye of its originator Lance Mountain ‘Tail Tap’ under the watchful eye of its originator

Christian Cooper Christian…

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