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Our Motto Is, “Live To Skate, Or Die Trying!”

We have chosen skateboarding as a way of life and it has rewarded us with the ability to learn an amazing art form. Skateboarding has also given us great memories as we have rolled though the years.  Along with the sport and art form comes a lifestyle that never leaves you. We are blessed to be involved with this amazing extreme sports industry and wish to give back to it in every way we can.

Feel free to steal anything you want from the blog. No Copyright applies here unless stated in the post. But give credit where credit is due.

Roll with respect for others and you will roll forever!

Thank You!

This blog “Gone Skating” is designed to be a free resource for all skateboarders who enjoy the images, videos, music and articles about the art we all love known as skateboarding. I hope all who join the blog will be entertained with new content every week. If you would like to help us here at “Gone Skating” simply tell your friends about this blog and maybe they will follow us as well.
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