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If you are a talented skateboarder and don’t know how to get sponsors, promotions, or media coverage than you can find help here at Extreme Dreams, LLC.
We act as a managing agent and provide to put in motion an athletic representation program for you to follow. Ultimately you will be employed by companies within the sports industry you are affiliated with and we will oversee the contract negotiations.
We help you get your career outlined with sponsorships, media publicity and contract management all for a small a percentage fee based on the terms of your contracts.

Examples of the services provided by Extreme Dreams, LLC

Financial contracts and discovery outlines will be discussed and brought to terms with your approval of the terms & arrangements. Companies will be contacted by us on your behalf in order to negotiate various sponsorships and contract agreements

* Skateboard Shop Sponsors
* Board Sponsors
* Wheel Sponsors
* Truck sponsors
* Bearings Sponsors
* Shoe Sponsors
* Helmet & Pads Sponsor
* Clothing Sponsors
* Beverage Sponsors

Media alerts will be handled for you and your name will be made
available through all forms of social media’s and press publicity.

* Press Releases To Media Outlets
* Magazine Articles & Interviews
* Local News Stations Coverage
* Internet Exposure Made Available

Contact Us for your chance at success in the extreme sports arena. Photos and videos will be needed in order for our experts to examine and plan the direction needed in order for you to have success.

A portfolio will be created containing a full media kit and a detailed biography.



(209) 272-4922



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