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1. Skateboards And Skateboard Parts. I’ve seen longboards, vert boards, street boards and bmx bikes work at Glory hole, it’s your call. I always bring my street stick and my pool rig. Any more than two boards is just more to carry and transport on your trek. Large wheels with a softer duro work best on this surface, areas of the ‘create are pitted and of course using bigger wheels will generate more speed on the humongous transitions. Also, tighter trucks are a good ideas for maintaining a true line on the huge walls of the pipe. These are just common sense and general suggestions for your benefit. Lastly, never take a skate trip with out skateboard parts and misc. gear. A busted king pin, or a bad flat spot could ruin the long journey you have endured to skate Glory hole. Again just more good sound advice.
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2. Helmet And Pads. Knee pads are necessary in my opinion, especially if you are going big on a this big full pipe Helmets are always advised by for safety even if they don’t look cool. Take it off for your photos if you must, but wear it until you warm up and get a feel for this massive pipe.

3. All Purpose Towels. Bring several towels for the long day and all the activities. Trust me it will come in handy if you decide to swim, soak your feet, or if the pipe needs drying from any water drip-age.

4. Food, Snacks And Munchies.he nearest store is a few miles away from the car and and hiking back to where you parked from the pipe is a ridiculous amount of work, so be prepared from the get go.

5. Water And Fluids. BRING A LOT, because it gets very hot in the summer and the sun reflects off the water, also you’re going to sweat and avoiding dehydration is very important. Beer is the most dehydrated fluid you could possibly drink, although beer it is key to some skaters session, be advised of the potential risks.water drip-age,

6. Take Your Crew Or A Friend. It’s a good idea to go with someone you know. If you skate alone, and get hurt there’s no way anyone would even hear you or know about it. The same rules that apply with surfing safety apply for this trip, “that there’s safety in numbers.”

7. Raft, Canoe Or Flotation Device. You can’t get to the pipe unless you cross a small body of water and it is too dangerous to scale down the pipes face. It is always better to skate when you’re dry than when you’re wet, so bring floatation device to transport you and your gear to the Glory Hole destination.

8.Broom And Kitty Litter. Why? Because there is always a trickle of water in the bottom of the pipe (it does run under a lake, after all). A push broom works great to sweep out the water and slime, and then spread some kitty litter into the pipe to soak up any residual moisture.

9. First Aid And Medical Supplies. Throw in any first aid or medical supplies you can get. You never know what will arise with injuries, fatigue, or any other ailments that can happen. Remember you are quite a hike away from a hospital and getting a EMC team to the Glory Hole may take hours to say the least, so be prepared for medical treatment and any situation that may arise. Please be careful and stay alert and safe.

10. The Glory hole Skate Kit. Do yourself a favor, and invest in a small 2 person raft, or better yet, buy from the Glory Hole skate store offered here for sale. I searched online and offline at nearly every market I possible for the cheapest prices and best deals for the kits supplies. Finding a descent raft for under $50 is not easy and remember the quality of the raft is important for safety when traveling across the water and of course all the other safety issues and pipe preparation mentioned and explained above. This is not an offer for profit whatsoever, rather a means for you to have a great, safe experience when visiting the legendary “Glory Hole Full Pipe.”


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4 thoughts on “Glory Hole Resource Page

  1. This blog is sick. I’ve been following Gone Skating for years now. Thank you Rich Monday

  2. This is very helpful! Just moved into the neighborhood and would love to skate the glory hope!

  3. Epic Blog Post! Thank you for the great advice!

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