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  1. Why do some in the scene think of Sk8 and Punk as separate? Whether or not you skate, both are married together.

    1. Good question you Wanker. Testing my skate punk knowledge are ya…Haaa! Well the differential of the two are of course punk rocks roots go further back then skateboarding’s popularity boom of the 1980’s, but when mixed together they clearly mesh good.

      Here are some more facts about this great topic Mat:

      Skate punk started in mid-1980s California, where skateboarding was growing in popularity and was considered a form of rebellion. Bands that influenced the genre include Black Flag, JFA, Agent Orange, Minor Threat and Bad Religion. The Big Boys from Texas and JFA from Arizona are widely considered to be the first skate punk bands. Both bands were made up entirely of skateboarders and played loud and fast music designed to match the intensity of skateboarding. Bands such as RKL, NOFX, Stalag 13, Hogan’s Heroes, Tales of Terror, The Faction, and Suicidal Tendencies were also among the first wave of skate punk bands.

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