Ripon Skate Park, CA

Ripon Skate Park California

* Outdoor: Concrete
* Free – Pads required, but not enforced
* Vertical / Tranny / One DIY Flat Bar Rail / Tipped Over Benches
* Rating:


From I 5 north of Interstate 205, get on 120 east and take the 99 south exit. From highway 99 take the Jack Tone Rd. exit. Follow Jack Tone Rd. over the freeway and left on Main Street. From Main Street take a left on Wilma Ave. From Wilma Ave. turn on Hughes, the first left. The police station is on the corner of Wilma & Hughes. The skate park is next to the Police Station on 1346 Hughes Ave.


From San Francisco take Highway 880 south to highway 580 east. Take highway 580 to Highway 205 east, and take I 5 north. Stay on I 5 north to the highway 120 exit. Follow 120 east and take highway 99 south exit. Take the Jack Tone exit off highway 99 and continue over the freeway and turn left on Main Street west. Follow Main Street and turn left on Wilma Ave. From Wilma Ave. take the next left on Hughes Ave. The skate park is on 1346 Hughes Ave. next to the Police Station.


1346 Hughes Ln.
City: Ripon
State/Province: Northern California Skate Park
Postal Code: 95366
Country: USA

The Best Little Skate Park In California

Although California is host to the most parks per state in the USA for a long time running.At Ripon they own bragging rights about being one of gnarliest parks in America and the most famed park with the overwhelming amount of appearances in skate videos than any other skate park, or spot in the world.

The locals are proud of this small tranny park. It has been the filming spot for dozens of video parts over the years. On any given day a van may pull up and out comes a skate crew ready to clog the park with camera men and pro skaters picking their lines. In fact on any given day you will meet skater from all over the world, just to add this historic filming spot to their professional skateboard portfolio’s.

Prepare your bones for Ripon skate park. Straight up big country concrete, giving out thousands of concussions over the years, each day brings more injuries just waiting to happen. A time capsule of pain and glory, unfolding in a little town named Ripon, California.

If you are planning a road trip, definitely check out The Ripon skate park. To the west you’ve got Modesto, up north is Stockton and west is San Francisco. Best and closest little, big city is Modesto for good food and lodging, as well as entertainment.


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