Skateboard Masters Together At San Jose’s Crown Gem, The Lake Cunningham Skatepark!


Nothing but tricks and more tricks in San Jose California this early summer 2013. The skateboard ambassadors and history makers gladly attended the Indy Ralley Pro Jam held the weekend of Santa Cruz’s  40th anniversary bash and sponsored by Independent Trucks Co. Santa Cruz Skateboards, Creature Skateboards, Krux Trucks, Mob grip tape and all NHS  employees,  friends and legends from the last 40 years. Popular skate pros showed up together to party, sign autographs and skate California’s largest skatepark, non other than, Lake Cunningham skate park, in sunny San Jose California. It was a dream pro/am jam session with some of today’s greatest pro skateboarders in the business and the living legends of skateboarding’s famous past.

The Santa Cruz 40th ended it’s long anniversary celebration weekend with a star cast of modern day skate pros, along side of skateboarding’s hero’s and the legends, all skating together and mingling with fans and the media  press at this gem of a skate facility located in S.J. California.  The Invites were heavy hitters from the past 40 years. Steve Olson, Duane Peters, Lance Mountain, Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero. Jeff Grosso, Scott Foss, Dan Drehobl and Jason Richardson, were just to name a few on this great skateboarding guest list. Today’s top professional skateboarders in the extreme sport world were, Omar Salazar, Eric Koston, David Gravette, Chet Childress, David Navarette, Josh Broden and some of the Baker boys exciting the fans witnessing a once in a life time pro/am jam session going off in California’s biggest concrete jungle skate park at Lake Cunningham in San Jose. The casual session allowed fans to intermingle, up close and personal with the industry icons. There were giveaways, BBQ’s and lots of laughs for all attending this unique skate format jam. Christian Hosoi went on record to say, “he had not seen such a star studded skate jam like this in years.” Steve Alba (Salba) and his band The Power Flex 5 played in the back ground periodically as the session continued all day long. Pure carnage was in affect as the pros went big to please the hungry crowds.

The Lake Cunningham bowls were occupied by such greats like Steve Caballero, Jeff Hedges and Randy Katen. Underground skaters from all over the golden state showed up to show their bag of tricks, making for the most blended gathering of skate names from all walks of the art form we all love called skateboarding. Stylish.h individuals took turns showing every one in attendance why skateboarding was so versatile and unique

Congratulations and thanks go out to NHS and Santa Cruz Skateboards, along with partners Independent Trucks Co. and Creature skateboards, for showing the crowds a good time and for keeping the session going with FREE gifts all day long for the many lucky fans in attendance this historic day.

Rich Monday & Eric Koston Snap A Photo In Between Rounds.
Photo: Nick Goodrow

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