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Mike ‘Rodent’ Brown, Fresno Ark Ramp



Modesto’s Local pro ‘Rodent’ lofts a BS air on the infamous ‘Fresno Ark Ramp’
Photo: Richard Jackson

Mike Brown plants an invert on the ‘Fresno Ark’ ramp.
Photo: Richard Jackson

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Too Old To Die Young!

Too Late To Die Young

Now that I’m in my mid 40’s and at the so called ‘mid life crisis’ age we have all heard about, I have to admit I do get some attention when going to a skateboard park, or while attending a punk rock show and even when catching some waves at the local’s only California coastline. It’s to be expected and most people do appreciate my efforts and my experience.

Monday Santa Cruz

So I realize I have to accept the fact that I will be dealing with some worried mothers at the skateboard parks and usually I end up having a little chat with them to show I’m no petifile, but rather just a big dumb kid still holding on to his youth. Hey that’s fine with me, I’m just happy to be there and able to drop in and grind that place to pieces, carve out a few lines and I’m out. Now when I get dressed up for a gig in my punk rock attire complete with a denim vest jacket that’s full of patches I’ve made from cutting up old t-shirts and sewing them on, I tend to get a little amped up on catching a banging hardcore show. Although, I do need to be aware of the age difference between myself and the kids of today, the ones I’ll probably be bashing heads with if I decide to do some moshing that night.

Oh HowIn most cases at the skate parks and the punk shows, or even at the surf spots, I do gain some respect for my age and believe me I think I deserve it. I’ve been living this lifestyle for 30+ years now and don’t let the grey hair fool you; show this pioneer some due respect. That’s all I expect, I don’t want to cause any trouble, or spoil anybody’s ‘good vibrations,’ no way, not at all.

Monday SurfingNow I will throw down under certain circumstances, or if someone steps to my grill trying to front with some, “Hey OG” bullshit or tries to use my obvious experienced appearance as a prop for his nickel and dime senior citizen jokes, saying, “Hey gramps the kiddy bowl is at the front of the park, or the kiddy waves are down by the pier,” or “Hey Old School, the kiddy seats are up in the balcony.” Oh Fuck No! Kiddy just knocked you out son!” Okay, so I don’t think I’m wrong here for demanding at least some props for keeping my game real for so many years. I kept my bag of tricks fresh with a steady flow and when I was coming up I showed nothing but respect to the senior ranks. Seriously, I’ve been riding this magic carpet for decade after decade now, so please show some due respect to the forefathers who paved the way for our rights and for our freedoms we all luckily enjoy today.

Monday BonelessOkay, so my mind may be a little tired from all the years of living the ‘endless summer,’ but don’t let the slow memory fool you. I dogged your daddy’s back when they were coming up and I sure as hell ain’t getting fazed by your swag, hipster, dubsteping, steezy attitude. No way, pal, “I’M HERE TO STAY” and if it’s not meant for me to blow things up anymore on the level, then everybody will at least know that I died trying.Up The Punx!’ -Rich Monday

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Pulley Review – Skate Punk Legacy


A Look At Pulley’s D.I.Y Skate Punk History

Pulley: The Esteem Driven Engine Still Matters

Pulley started up in 1994, right in the beginning thick of the Southern California skate punk revolution of music that shaped my life. This 5 piece hard hitting melodic punk unit is led by Scott Radinsky who was no stranger the punk scene by 94 having been in Scared Straight during its 10 year existence (83-93) being heavy hitters in the Nardcore Mystic Records scene. They then went on to become skate punk greats Ten Foot Pole. Radinsky was in charge of that unit for their first 2 releases then forced to leave due to his pro baseball that he was already 3 years deep into. Being that baseball conflicts with the tour schedule of most punk rock I see it is making sense. That didn’t preclude Radinsky from being the voice of TFP’s seminal single My Wall.

Right outta the gate Pulley was a bit of a super group consisting of Radinsky from his aforementioned bands; Jim Cherry (may his soul be rested) of Strung Out; Matt Riddle of Face To Face and No Use For a Name; and Tony Palermo from Ten Foot Pole and Unwritten Law.

Pulley’s first drop in was 1995’s Esteem Driven Engine. A strong door kicker of a debut from these punk veterans. It slams open with Cashed In which would be a candidate on a best of record. Right away this first album sets a tone for more introspective lyrics which tends to happen to us punks as we get older. Take for instance Bad Religion’s material from the mid 90’s and forward.

Right after this was 97’s 60 Cycle hum. Again a really strong track starts the whole album off on the right foot, or left if ya skate goofy. The most interesting track on this was Noddin’ Off. It kicks like Ten Foot Pole or Scared Straight. I think kinda letting us all know that they remember who they are. Another overall solid effort from this board breaking unit.

1999 brought us @#!*, referred to as self titled. Honestly my favorite album by these guys. I believe it’s also their most popular. The lyrics start getting real introspective and the music on a couple tracks is even a bit dark. It’s still Pulley. The differences show growth in the band and they sound tighter than their first 2 albums. The stand out for me has always been Over It. Somewhat of a scathing indictment of the rat race that even the punk scene can degenerate into. Less of a middle finger and more a wake up call. The more incendiary and equally great track is Nothing To Lose. It’s been the background to a fuck you in my life numerous times. Just a great one to sing with and let something out.

2001 marked Pulley’s first album as a 4 piece, Together Again For The First Time. Jim Cherry had left the band to pursue Zero Down and dropped one solid album with them before he departed us. Despite the missing guitarist, this is as solid and tough an album as Pulley had put out. The first real stand out on this is “Hooray” for me. Another honest critique of the scene from the perspective of growing up but not giving in. The other one that hits me of this effort is “Same Sick Feeling.” Always sounds like one off of the 99 album and that’s not at all a bad thing.

2004 marked Pulley’s longest gap between albums. Matters shows the band hasn’t lost a bit of edge over their first 10 years. The band just sounds tighter with each offering they put out. It was also dedicated to their guitarist and friend Jim. This for me is like 99’s “self titled”. Most stand out on Matters is “Insects Destroy”. Has a bit of Bad Religion and Pennywise feel. Makes sense being that they were all label mates for so long. This marks Pulley’s final album on punk rock Olympus of Epitaph records and their last full length to date.

2009 after about 5 years Pulley gave us their first ep on a new label, Time Insensitive Material. “Ghost Inside My Skin” is the stand out of this short offering. It’s a blend of classic Pulley with some new ideas. The first glimpse of something new to come. 20011 gave us “The Long And The Short Of It” ep. Coming in at only 3 tracks, it leaves me hoping for a full length in the near future. There’s been rumors swirling around a new full length since 2012. I was fortunate to see them play recently. After 20 years of Pulley and 31 years of Scott Radinsky, neither part shows any sign of letting up for a long time to come.

Check out Pulley if you don’t know ‘em, re listen or catch ‘em live if ya do.

Article published in the popular Mega Zine STAMINA #3.

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-Maty Almost

Skateboard Masters Together At San Jose’s Crown Gem, The Lake Cunningham Skatepark!


Nothing but tricks and more tricks in San Jose California this early summer 2013. The skateboard ambassadors and history makers gladly attended the Indy Ralley Pro Jam held the weekend of Santa Cruz’s  40th anniversary bash and sponsored by Independent Trucks Co. Santa Cruz Skateboards, Creature Skateboards, Krux Trucks, Mob grip tape and all NHS  employees,  friends and legends from the last 40 years. Popular skate pros showed up together to party, sign autographs and skate California’s largest skatepark, non other than, Lake Cunningham skate park, in sunny San Jose California. It was a dream pro/am jam session with some of today’s greatest pro skateboarders in the business and the living legends of skateboarding’s famous past.

The Santa Cruz 40th ended it’s long anniversary celebration weekend with a star cast of modern day skate pros, along side of skateboarding’s hero’s and the legends, all skating together and mingling with fans and the media  press at this gem of a skate facility located in S.J. California.  The Invites were heavy hitters from the past 40 years. Steve Olson, Duane Peters, Lance Mountain, Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero. Jeff Grosso, Scott Foss, Dan Drehobl and Jason Richardson, were just to name a few on this great skateboarding guest list. Today’s top professional skateboarders in the extreme sport world were, Omar Salazar, Eric Koston, David Gravette, Chet Childress, David Navarette, Josh Broden and some of the Baker boys exciting the fans witnessing a once in a life time pro/am jam session going off in California’s biggest concrete jungle skate park at Lake Cunningham in San Jose. The casual session allowed fans to intermingle, up close and personal with the industry icons. There were giveaways, BBQ’s and lots of laughs for all attending this unique skate format jam. Christian Hosoi went on record to say, “he had not seen such a star studded skate jam like this in years.” Steve Alba (Salba) and his band The Power Flex 5 played in the back ground periodically as the session continued all day long. Pure carnage was in affect as the pros went big to please the hungry crowds.

The Lake Cunningham bowls were occupied by such greats like Steve Caballero, Jeff Hedges and Randy Katen. Underground skaters from all over the golden state showed up to show their bag of tricks, making for the most blended gathering of skate names from all walks of the art form we all love called skateboarding. Stylish.h individuals took turns showing every one in attendance why skateboarding was so versatile and unique

Congratulations and thanks go out to NHS and Santa Cruz Skateboards, along with partners Independent Trucks Co. and Creature skateboards, for showing the crowds a good time and for keeping the session going with FREE gifts all day long for the many lucky fans in attendance this historic day.

Rich Monday & Eric Koston Snap A Photo In Between Rounds.
Photo: Nick Goodrow

Fidlar’s big release (Full Album) Titled “Fidlar”


These young skaters have formed a skate punk band that will go down in the history books of skate punk music no doubt. Not since the Faction and Black Flag of the 80’s has so much attention been brought to skate rock and the punk rock genre in general. The new band is traveling the world and drawing in big crowds of fans and followers lining up to hear the original sounds of Fidlar. Music legends are noticing the talent and guiding these youngsters straight to the top of the punk rock music boards with several big hits right out of the gate. Keep an eye on Fidlar as they make their path straight to the top. Coming to a venue near you. Enjoy the full album titled under the same name “Fidlar!”

San Jose’s Skate Rock Hero’s Steve Caballero and The Faction


Maty’s Corner Issue # 6

Skate Rock San Jose- Steve Caballero and The Faction

The first incarnation of The Faction were Steve Caballero, Gavin O’Brien, Craig Bosch, and Russ Wright. This lineup only lasted through a couple of practices when Craig Bosch left to join local punk band The Unaware. Bosch was replaced by Adam Segal who also became the band’s de facto manager.

10434The Faction were a hardcore punk rock band. Pioneers of the skate punk era during the early 1980s many band would follow their after.

Starting on Halloween 1982 out of the streets, pools and ramps of San Jose California was The Faction!  Though they only lasted 3 years to the day Halloween 1985.

10435They would forever set a blueprint for the entire skate punk scene which birthed the Warped tour and X Games.  This wasn’t some bunch of posers, this was music by skaters for skaters.  First off you had Steve “Cab” Caballero on bass then guitar.  That’s right, the Bones Brigade legend and man behind the Vans half cab (a pair of which I’m rocking at the moment) as a founding member of this band.

10433Steve Caballero was known for so many insane air variations and tricks and even has many trick variations named by him.  He’s also set a long standing record for highest air out of a pipe along with being Thrasher’s Skater of The Century.  Though being born with scoliosis he never really suffered from other than a kink in his neck and head position, it has never been evidenced by his career in the legendary Bones Brigade.

7761Along with Steve Caballero you had vocalist Gavin O’Brien who could skate anything and was a heavy hitter in the local punk rock.and growing skate rock scene. Lead singer Gavin O’Brien was also a notable skateboarder, popular at local Winchester Skate Park.

Drummer Craig Bosch has a skateboard trick named after him, called “the Bosch” aka invert to blunt. Pro skater Jeff Kendall would play with The Faction during 1989.
Adam Bomb who was known for crazy high top Vans and being one of the first to do switch tricks.  Rounding out the talent was Bosch who has a trick named after him which is an invert to blunt.

10452The Faction rocked as hard as they skated.  Their music sounded like a fucking bomb going off. I’d imagine their shows felt like one.  The Faction was the real deal for skate punks. An often judgmental scene that will call out a fake from a mile away! They’ve been the soundtrack to many a skate session with their biggest hit “Skate And Destroy” will go down in punk rock history. Faction will continue to be heard in garages and at back yard ramps as long as there are skateboarders.



9066Steve Caballero At Age 16. 30 years earlier than the photo below, amazing!

8754Steve Caballero Front Side Invert At Age 46


10435Their first album, the 7″ Yesterday Is Gone, was released on the band’s label IM Records in 1983. According to the band’s official bio, this generated a bit of resentment in the local punk scene. Some people thought The Faction’s popularity was only due to Steve Caballero’s status outside of the band. This would prove to be untrue, however, after embarking on a small summer tour of California. They quickly discovered that their album had reached a wider audience when they were greeted with much enthusiasm all through out the California large city arenas..

10458The band’s next album, No Hidden Messages, was also released in 1983. The song “Skate And Destroy” became wildly popular as background music at skate parks, pools, ramp sessions, and early skateboard videos. “Skate And Destroy” was also featured on the official soundtrack to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 video game. Proving the band’s staying ability through time, The song has long been considered the official “anthem” for skateboarding and skateboarders everywhere. As the band’s manager, producer, and head of IM Records, Adam went to work booking a national tour in support of No Hidden Messages during 1984. The tour was a success and saw them play the infamous punk club CBGB for the first time.

10460The next album, Dark Room, was released in 1985. The punk sound wasn’t gone but the heavier side of the band was very apparent. As its title suggests, Dark Room indeed had a dark feel to it. Thanks to a generous helping of metal infused punk resounding. Dark Room would be the last album before the band’s breakup. The band played their final show on October 22, 1985 at the Keystone in Palo Alto, California on Halloween.

The band’s final EP, Epitaph, recorded during the summer of 1985, was eventually released in 1986 on Thrash Records. A somewhat thrown together mix of songs, Epitaph does have a couple of standouts. Epitaph would be the last album for 10 years. A three word slogan on the back sleeve would prove quite prophetic, however. The slogan reads, “We’ll Be Back”.”

In 1989, for reasons even unknown to the band, they reunited and played two sold out shows at the Cactus Club in San Jose. Demand for the shows was so high that club owners had to turn away a crowd of approximately 300 waiting outside on the first night. This was after they filled the venue. The shows featured the band’s final lineup minus Adam Segal. Pro skater Jeff Kendall took over Adam’s spot. This reunion spawned a four song demo tape. Two songs, “Looking For You” and “Pet Squirrel”, appeared in the Santa Cruz Skateboards video, “A Reason For Living”. This reunion didn’t last much longer and the band again called things off.

10419The band recorded new material during the early part of the new millennium and four tracks surfaced. “The Whistler” on a split 7″ with J.F.A. released in 2003, “Cut It Out” on another compilation, “Aisle Seat” and “Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?” The last two were never officially released with “Aisle Seat” ending up on the band’s MySpace page. The Faction continued to play in and around California as a foursome.
The final four were Gavin, Cab, Ray, and Keith.

-Maty Almost.