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Fun In San Jose’s Crown Gem The Lake Cunningham Skateboard Park. Pro Skateboarders Rich Monday And Eric Koston Skated Like Theres No Tomorrow !


Nothing But Tricks And More Tricks In Santa Cruz California This Early Summer. And Independent Trucks brought out the favorites over the past 40 years of leading the pack in a very competitive field and an even worse industry. Kill or be killed is how skaters handle things and it is true, as well with anybody invloved in this amazing extreme sports lifestyle.

The Santa Cruz 40th Ended It’s Long Skateboarding Week End With Modern Day Skate Hero’s And The Legends Of Skateboarding’s Past. The Invites were heavy hitters form the past 30 years mixed in with the modern day youth who head up the pro ranks these days of skateboarding. Rich Monday, Steve Olson, Duane Peters, Lance Mountain, Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero and Dan Drehobl, just to name a few on this great guest list. The kids of today heading up the world of professional skateboarding were there too. Omar Salazar, Eric Koston, David Gravette, Chet Childress, David Navarette, Broden and the list had to many to mention here. Christian Hosoi went on record to say he had not seen such a star loaded skate jam in his whole career. Steve Alba (Salba) and his band The Power Flex 5’s played in the back ground as the session continued all day long. Pure carnage went down as local pro skateboarders Rich Monday and Steve Caballero, along with Jeff Hedges and Randy Katen Shredded the pools at Lake Cunningham in their own back yard of Northern it was pool or die. The whole vertical skate crew of skateboarding’s past, then moved the party to the massive full pipe that leads to a 12 foot high transition wall in the shape of a giant halfpipe.

Congratulations goes out to NHS and Santa Cruz Skateboards and with the Independent Trucks Co. for showing the crowds a good time and performing all day long, not just to make an appearance, but to skate for the love of the sport.

Rich Monday & Eric Koston Stop For A Fan To Snap A Smile In Between Rounds.

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